These types of pyroelectric detectors are optimized for application in THz region. The detectors are small, have a large active area and a short response time.

​The basic principle is the absorption of radiation pulses from a pulsed or per chopper modulated cw radiation source on the absorbing layer. In combination with a low-noise current amplifier it is possible to detect the power of the radiation source.

​The THz-Trap has a special build up out of 3 sensor elements which allows to absorbing nearly 100% of the irradiated wavlength as a result of multi absorption und -reflection.


20 mm

Working range

15 µW .. 50 mW
(depending on the amplifiers band width)


ca. 0,5 µA/W

Rise time

2 ms

max. Chopper frequency

50 Hz

max. Power density

15 mW/cm²

Thermal time constant

50 ms

Dimensions (Diameter x Length)

90 mm x 70 mm