These types of pyroelectric detectors are optimized for application in the THz region. The detectors are small, have a large active area and a short response time.

The THz detection system consists of a detector and a current preamplifier. It is optimized for application in connection with cw- lasers and a chopper.

The response of a pyroelectric detector can be very fast, but for a reduction of noise the bandwidth of the preamplifier is limited. A further reduction of noise is possible by using detectors with smaller active area. The actual bandwidth depends on the frequency limit and is given in the preamplifier datasheet. Two possibilities for a Signal/Noise improvement for continuously repeated signals are often used:
-Lock in amplification

At very short pulses it is possible to use this detector in combination with a voltage amplifier VPA as an energy detector for µJ and mJ region

All detectors will be calibrated at 1.4 THz in combination with a preamplifier (calibrated in V/W or V/J) at the PTB Berlin, the German National metrological institute. Other conditions on request.