Power and Energy Meter for thermopile and pyroelectric detectors

A large 7” capacitive touch panel and clearly arranged menus make this device very comfortable and easy to handle.

Very low noise amplifiers and for every signal path optimised AD converters, allow to use a wide range of sensor heads. After connecting a detector, the display read all relevant parameters from detector-EEPROM and setting up the device automatically. Manually setup possibilities for wavelength and correction are possible.

The large graphic display offers space for a variety of display and analysis choices. The digital display can be used for determining the energy, frequency and average power. The analogue part with its bar graph display is useful for e.g. laser adjustments. Laser stability can be monitored using the data logger and statistics window. Also a data logging window and a statistic window with histogram are selectable.

The PEM 710 is equipped with USB interfaces. These ports allow remote control and transferring of all data to a PC or USB memory stick. An analogue output give a lot of possibilities to integrate the display into your own measurement arrangements.



7" Multitouch
800 x 480 Pixel
24bit RGB 
background illuminated


5% in most sensitive range

max. repetition rate

2500 Hz

external power supply

5 V DC / 2.5 A

user adjustment

1 .. 100 %


over 2 .. 10k pulses


E-Connector for detector

Micro-USB for power supply

Mini-USB for communication and remote control

USB-Typ A for USB flash drive

BNC for analogue output

Dimension (LxWxH)

190 mm x 240 mm x 55 mm


ca. 1,5 kg