This read out unit is designed to measure the output power of different  lasers  in combination with the thermopile head BB10. This combination of detector and electronics allow stable measurements in the range between 100µW up to 3 W.

By using the read out unit it is possible to reduce the time constant of the whole measurement system to 1 second. Normally, the time constant of a  power head is in the region of 15 to 25 seconds.

On the front of the detector a small tube is mounted to reduce disturbances from environment. There is a simple possibility to replace the tube with a window, diffusor disc or an adaptor for optical fibres.

The LM100 is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a charging unit. It is possible to operate the LM 100 either from the mains supply or rechargeable built-in batteries so that it remains versatile and can be adapted to most applications. The batteries are automatically charged when the instrument is plugged into the mains AC power supply. The batteries can also be charged when the LM100 is turned off. The charging circuit prevents the batteries from being overcharged. The state of the batteries and the charging circuit is displayed by two LED’s.

Working range

100 µW - 3 W

Thermal time constant

1 second



Analogue output

0 - 1 V

extermal power supply

12 V DC / 300 mA

Battery life time

> 300 h


160 mm x 180 mm x 70 mm
metal case