The value of a detector head is defined by an homogenic and longtime stable sensitivity of its full area, which must be immune to electrical interferences. To give proof of this to you all our sensors will send to you with a certification of calibration which shows the sensitivity (in V/J and/or V/W) and a profile for the sensitivity of the complete sensor area. Everything what´s necessary for this is determined at a special place for these measurements.

The calibration happens per comparison with a calibrated measure head from the PTB at wavelength of 355nm, 532nm, 905nm or 1064nm chose by our customers wish.

Calibration of THz-Detectors

All THz-measuring heads calibrated at the PTB - the National Metrological Institut of Germany - with 1,4 THz combined with a current amplifier. This value is valid for the range of 100µm up to millimeters cause of its nearly wavelength independent absorption.