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preamplifier for pyroelectric energy sensors

Connector BNC
Gain 10, 100, or 1000
Input imdepance 1 MOhm
Power supply (included) ± 15V

With this amplifiers measurement of the lowest energy's (some 100 nJ with PEM4) are possible. Due to the amplification and reduction of the capacity load from the measuring cable the sensitivity of the detector will be considerably increased. The bandwidth of the amplifiers is specially adapted for this application. Gain is set during manufacture and should be specified by the customer on ordering. A choice of 2 gains are available with the model VST2N, i.e. can be switched to two distinct amplification factors. The lower detection limit will be reduced by these amplifiers. Additionally, losses of sensitivity by using a smaller load resistor (to increase the possible repetition rate) will be compensated.