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Band-Pass Filter

Product description

Quasi-optical band-pass filters are intended for selecting specified frequencies in the range of mm- and submm-waves. The filters can be used in a variety of applications including laboratory and space research.


The filters are implemented on basis of specially designed multilayer frequency selective microstructures, which resonantly transmit the radiation within a specified frequency band and reflect the out-of-band radiation. We offer a wide choice of high performance band-pass filters with central frequencies up to several THz. The filters exhibit high peak transmission and low out-of-band spectral leakage. To maximize the out-of-band blocking, two filters in series can be easily employed without significant losses in a peak transmittance.


Additionally, the filters can be designed according to the customer’s specification. The filter characteristics can be optionally customized. Our filter technology is versatile and can be optimized for a wide range of experimental demands including operation in cryogenic environment.


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Detectors and Acc.

>> single element
>> trapdetector
>> amplifier

Examples of experimentally measured transmission spectra for some standard filters (BWO+FT-spectroscopy data)

Key features:

Central frequency of transmission maximum

nmax 0.07 ÷ 3 THz
Relative bandwidth 15 ÷ 20 %
Peak transmission 84 ÷ 97 %
Out-of-band blocking 23 ÷ 40 dB
Standard clear aperture ř50 mm
Polarization insensitivity
Compatibility with operation in vacuum

Examples of transmission spectra for some standard filters showing their out-of-band blocking


In standard filters, their operating apertures are protected by thin THz-transparent polymeric films.
The annular aluminum shell is supplied with a blackcolored protective coating.

Customization capabilities:

Optional supplementary holder
Optional diameter: 10÷75 mm
nmax and Dn/nmax values
Out-of-band blocking enhancement
Several passbands
Polarization discrimination
Cryogenic operation

A supplementary holder is available for mounting filters on a optical bench.

Having two nests, the holder allows placing two filters one by one to achieve the higher out-of-band blocking.

Generally, the holder can be customized upon a customer’s request.