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PM 200
low cost Joulemeter with high dynamic range

high sensitivity
analoge and digital displays
low noise
computer interface and software available
incl. pyroelectric detector with ranges fro
m 3µJ to 200 mJ

3 µJ – 200 mJ
max.energy density
150 mJ/cm˛
max.power density
8 MW/cm˛
(10 ns Pulse)
max.average power
400 mW
active area
Ř 34 mm

In the past laser energy meters often required a whole selection of pyroelectric detectors for measuring different energies. From this point of view the PM 200 is a very modest instrument. A single detector enables monitoring of energies from the detection limit at 3 µJ up to highest energies of 200 mJ. The active sensor area with an aperture diameter of
34 mm ensures simple and reliable alignment for the detection of large beam profiles. Various other, as well as detectors for higher energies, are available on request.
For fast and comfortable tuning alignments the pulse energies are displayed by an analogue meter. Simultaneously, a 3.5 digit LCD display gives the precise value of single shot energies for accurate fine adjustments. Additionally, the common practice of continuously switching meter ranges is essentially made obsolete by the digital readout.
A further interesting feature of the PM 200 is the effective suppression of noise by the signal preamplifier that is directly build into the sensor head.
The ‘Sync Out’ output supplies TTL pulses for synchronisation. In addition the detector signal can be observed (e.g. by an oscilloscope) using the BNC socket. This output delivers a DC voltage proportional to the measured pulse energy e.g. for connecting a chart recorder.
Optionally the PM 200 comes equipped with an intelligent RS 232 interface for remote control and data acquisition via computer.