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OEM - Sensoren
For installation as energy monitors in lasers or for customer
specified solutions

These sensors are characterized by a high sensetivity a high repetition rate. Because of the windowless design and the used metallic absorption coating an usage also in the UV-range is possible. The sensors of the PEO 8A and PEO 12A type have a built-in preamplifier which improves the insensitivity to interference and avoids problems when using longer signal cables. If needed, for example when using the senor at different wavelengths, these sensors can be supplied with our reliable, broadband, absorbing black coating. Our modular construction set for energy monitoring is the ideal completion for these sensors.

Serie PEO

PEO 12
active diameter
Ř 8 mm
Ř 8 mm
Ř 12 mm
Ř 12mm
repetition rate
1kHz at 1 MOhm
10kHz at 100 kOhm
10 kHz
700 Hz at 1MOhm
6 kHz at 100 kOhm
3 kHz
400..500 V/J at 1 MOhm
200..300 V/J ant100 kOhm

1000..25000 V/J
(on request)

300..400 V/J at 1 MOhm
200..300 V/J at 100 kOhm
1000..15000 V/J
(on request)

max. Energy density
150 mJ/cm˛
max. average power
0,5 W
calibration accuracy
±3 %
Temperature range
Temperature coefficent

Elektric parameters for the Sensors PEO 8A and PEO 12A
Operating voltage ±5V .. ±20V
noise voltage (output) 2 mV
Offset max. 50 mV
Offset compensation AC-coupling or external amplifier
Soldertime max. 2 sec/Pin
No hot air!