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PEM 12 E
energy detector with integrated preamplifier

By integration of an low noise preamplifier, with this detector it is possible to measure smallest laser energies. To use the whole dynamic range of the built in sensor element, the detector is equipped with a switch for amplification.

We offer this detector with two different coatings. For using with different wavelengths we recommend our broadband black coating. Our metal coating is recommended for higher repetition rates and high sensitivities. Also for the UV-range we recommend these coating.

Sensor choice:
PEM 12E MC – metal coating
PEM 12 E BC – black coating

An external power supply is included.
Higher sensitivities and repetition rates are possible on request.

sensitivity (switchable)

about 1000 V/J / 10000 V/J

energy range 2 µJ .. 15 mJ
500 nJ .. 1,5 mJ
max. repetition rate 1 kHz (black coating)
5 kHz (metal coating)
max. average power 500 mW
max. energy density 150 mJ/cm˛
active diameter 12 mm
read out scope
outer dimensions 25mm x 25mm x 60mm