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LEM 2420

2-Channel Pulse Energy and Power Measuring Instrument



Signal Input 1 MOhm, 25 pF, max. 50 V
External Trigger Input TTL- und CMOS - compatible
Interface RS 232
Accuracy 1%
5% iin lowest range
Max. repetitionrate 250 Hz
External power plug 9 V DC /300 mA
Battery life time > 16 h (without backlight)
Trigger level 5 .. 95 % of range
Display refresh 50 ms .. 1 s
Correction factor 1 .. 100 %
Averaging über 2 .. 256 pulses
Display 320 x 240 pixel
(with backlight)
Dimensions (lengthxwidthxheight) 21 cm x 11,5 cm x 6 cm
Weight ca. 1,5 kg
Operating environment + 5°C .. 35°C

Wide dynamic range, especially for energy measuring
2 channels
Input of correction factors e.g. for mirrors or beam splitters
Power plug or rechargeable battery with integrated charging unit
Adjustable trigger level
External trigger input
HiRes Graphic display with background illumination
Touch panel
USB 2.0 interface
Softwareupdate possible
compatible to all heads of PEM, HP, LP and BB series

A touch panel and function keys make this device comfortable and easy to handle.  

The preamplifiers integrated into the device and the choice of sensor sensitivity, allow to use a wide range of sensor heads .
The large graphic display offers space for a variety of display and analysis choices. The digital display can be used for determining the energy, frequency and average power. The analogue part with its bar graph display is useful e.g. for laser adjustments. Laser stability can be monitored using the data logger and statistics window.

The LEM2420 is equipped with a USB-interface and with a TCP/IP network connector. These ports allows remote control and transferring of all measuring data to a PC. Additionally, a MMC/SD-Card slot to save the data is integrated.