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Power Measuring Heads

The listed power heads are based on thermoelectric principles, which means that the heat generated by the incident radiation is transformed directly into a voltage.

The head of BB–series has a black, broadband absorbing coating. The HP–series are equipped with a ceramic coating which allows high energy and power densities.

The head HP 25 S is specially made for service. The compact dimensions enable easier transport. Due to the smaller heat sink, high powers are only possible for a short time.

The heads need some seconds to reach a thermal equilibrium. To avoid this delay time, we recommend the use of one of our power meters, such as LM 100 or LEM 2420. These devices determine the voltage and its increase and evaluate the laser power from this data. The time constant from the whole system is reduced to 1 second.

BB 25
HP 25 S
HP 25/50
HP 50
HP 25/150
active diameter
25 mm
25 mm
25 mm
50 mm
25 mm
max. power
10 W
10 W
50 W
30 W
150 W
max. power density
20 W/cm²
20 W/cm²
40 W/cm²
20 W/cm²
dimensions [mm]
Ø 120 x 80
Ø 90 x 32
Ø 120 x 80
Ø 150 x 80
Ø 120 x 60
70 mV/W .. 150 mV/W

Absorption coefficent versus wavelength for two coatings
permissible power and energy densities versus wavelength

for sensors of HP-series

permissible power and energy densities depending on pulse width for sensors of BB-series