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EMK 100

This kit including all components is necessary for internal energy monitoring. Therefore, this kit is very interesting for laser manufacturers. The basis of this kit is a board including a switchable amplifier and a peak detector. The output is an analog signal corresponding to the laser energy and a trigger signal. For additional evaluations we can offer a set of different output modules with a variety of output ports. These modules will be adapted in agreement with the customer. The connectors of these modules are standarized and placed under the basis board. At the upper side of the basis board there are also connectors or pads for different sensors, especially for series PEO. It is also possible to place sensor and electronics separately from each other. In this case we recommend the use of amplified sensors (PEO8A, PEO12A). For this application the power supply for the sensor is included.

Dimension (housing) 55 mm x 52 mm x 16 mm
Mounting Correspond to the customer
Rep. rate 5 kHz (10 kHz on request)
Power supply ±12V .. ±15V, 4-pol. Molex, grid 1,27 mm
Input 4-pol. Molex, grid 1,27 mm, for ext. sensor only
Output 6-pol. Molex, grid 1,27
environment 0°C .. 50°C